1914 TRIO to PTE MORTIMER 1st MIDD'X.REGT - Suffered Gun Shot Wound in 1915

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L-8758 PTE D.L.MORTIMER 1/MIDDX.R (on 1914 Star)

L-8758 PTE D.L.MORTIMER MIDDX.R (on pair)

Daniel Lewis Mortimer, born Lambeth, London 1885

Enlisted 1903 To France 14/9/14 & qualified for the ‘Aug-Nov 1914’ Clasp

Suffered a Gun Shot Wound in his left heel (slight) circa 7/10/15

Discharged 7/4/16

With 4 pages of his Soldiers Papers (more exist online) & his Medal Index Card.

Condition: Victory discoloured; Polished & contacted VF

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