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Crime number 55190017525

List of medals stolen from a fellow dealer at Wimborne Market, Dorset on Saturday 2nd February 2019.

Some of these stolen medals surfaced in mid-February at Kempton Park Racecourse Antiques & Collectables Fair.

If you are offered any of these items, or know of their whereabouts, please contact PC Cheryl Belfield at Ferndown Police Station -01202 22600 or leave a message on 101 - Crime number 55190017525

Note:The following three medals/groups have been recovered & removed from this list, so are no longer a concern:-

1) Queens Sudan/1914 Star Trio with MID/ Khedive Sudan bar Khartoum - Captain/Lt. Col A J Luther RAMC

2) Queens Sudan and Khedive Sudan - Major L A Arkwright Royal Engineers

3) GSM Malaya - Lieutenant E W Unmack QARANC

Stolen Groups (updated 29/2/19)

Military Medal and BWM/VM pair - Davies J H A.Cpl. 20003 9th West Yorkshire Regt.

1915 Star Trio, IGS bar Afghan NWF 1919, Waz 1921-24 , GSM bar Iraq, LSGC - Freeland W Sgt 1219 RGA and Royal Signals

QSA bars CC,OFS,Trans./KSA bars SA01,SA02/1915 Star Trio - Petch J Pte/Sjt. 5352/13018 Yorkshire Regt.

QSA bars OFS/KSA bars SA01,SA02/ 1915 Star Trio - Lewis.H Pte. 5072 18th Hussars

1939/45 Star/ F/G Star/DM/WM and Order of Leopold mounted court style/unnamed - Moore J V Captain Royal Engineers

1915 Star trio and IGS bar NWF 1930-31 - Clifton H J Pte/Sgt 2615/5999430 Middlesex.R /2nd Bn Essex Regt

China/1915 Star Trio/LSGC (GV) - Wicks P Yeo. Signals Royal Navy HMS Hart

1915 Star trio and Navy LSGC (GV) - Crocker H L ERA 4/3/1 M.138 Royal Navy / HMS Barham

1915 Star trio and RFR LSGC (GV) - Oliver.R W LS 188535 Royal Navy/Royal Fleet Reserve

1915 Star trio and GSM bar NW Persia - O'Neil.B H Pte M/15106 RASC

1915 Star Trio and IGS bar Afghan NWF 1919 - Bowling J Pte 17687 South Lancs (POW Vols) Regt.

1915 Star trio and Territorial Efficiency Medal (GV) - Metcalf A Dvr T4/251546 RASC

GSM bar Canal Zone with 3 named unofficial medals - Cox Cfn REME

Stolen Single Victorian Medals

Indian Army IGS bar Burma 1887-9 - De Laune Faunce R Lt Colonel.

IGS bars Burma 1885-7 and Burma 1887-89 - Cox G E Pte 304 2nd R W Surrey Regt

Turkish Crimea Medal - West.J J QMSjt. Royal Engineers. (Privately engraved)

India Mutiny no bar - Humphries G Pte 2485 1/13th Light Infantry

Afghanistan 1878 no bar - Fisk W Pte 1251 9th Lancers

Afghanistan 1878 no bar - Goodger C Pte 1511 7th Foot

Egypt bar El-Tab Tamaai - McAlinn J Pte 3558 2nd Royal Irish Fusiliers

Egypt bars Suakin / El-Teb Tamaai -Fry J Pte 4525 KRRC

Egypt bars Suakin / El-Teb Tamaai - Pike H Pte 1259 1st Royal Highlanders

Egypt bar Suakin 1885 - Powell.J H Pte 6190 Scots Guards

Egypt bar Suakin 1885 - McFall.C Pte 5475 2nd Scots Guards.

Egypt (1 bar, not noted) -. Clifford.F L/Cpl 262 2nd DCLI.

IGS 3 bars PF/Tirah/RofChitral - Timbrell J Pte 4291 1st Gordon Highlanders

IGS 2 bars PF/Tirah - Pickett.G Pte 4551 2nd Ox and Bucks LI

IGS 2 bars PF/Tirah - Cooper G Pte 1259 2nd Derby Regt

IGS 3 bars PF/Samana/Tirah -. Veitch J Pte 4463 1st Northampton Regt

IGS 2 bars PF/Samana - Gray.J Pte 4056 1st R Scots Fusiliers

IGS bar Relief of Chitral - Gallagher.A Pte 2627 East Lancs Regt.

IGS Relief of Chitral - Cheshire.E Lce Corpl. 3626 2nd Bn Seaforth Highlanders

IGS (bar not recorded, maybe PF) - Brown P C Pte 2495 3rd Rifle Brigade

QSA 5 bars OFS/Trans/TH/RofLadysmith/LN - Jackson F Pte 2760 West Yorkshire Regt

QSA 3 bars CC/OFS/Trans - Wilson G Pte 3425 KOSB

QSA 3 bars CC/OFS/Trans - Greenham.T Gnr 98420 Royal Artillery

QSA 3 bars CC/OFS/Trans - Middleton E Pte 1986 Northumberland Fusiliers

QSA 3 bars CC/Trans/SA01 - Jones.A J Pte 13605 73rd Coy. Imp. Yeomanry (Paget's Horse)

QSA 2 bars CC/OFS - Weller H Sjt. 1079 Royal Fusiliers.

QSA 2 bars CC/SA02 -. Craine A Pte 5068 Liverpool Regt

QSA (bars not noted) - Mackie W Cpl 2072 Royal Fusiliers

Army LSGC (EviiR) - Miller E Sjt 2665 Royal Fusiliers

Army LSGC (EiiR) - Smith C P WO1 23220531 REME

Crimea Medal 3 bars Alma/Balaklava/Sebastopol - Unnamed.

Crimea Medal 2 bars Balaklava/Sebastopol - Unnamed.

Canada GSM bar Red River 1870 - Unnamed.

Visit to Scotland Medal 1903 - Unnamed.

Stolen Single World War 1 Medals

Military Medal (GvR) - Ridley E W Pte 79741 Royal Fusiliers

Military Medal (GvR) - Riley W Pte 241394 4th York-Lancs Regt.

Meritorious Service Medal (GvR) - Elsden H W Sjt S4-06114 RASC

Meritorious Service Medal (GvR) - Phillips E Pte/ASjt S4-064681 RASC

Meritorious Service Medal (GvR) - May.J Sjt 17881 Royal Lancs Regt or KRRC?

1914 Star - Finnen.P Pte 5912 Royal Scots Fusiliers

1914 Star - Bromage H Pte 9084 2nd Worcester Regt

1915 Star and Victory Medal - Russ W J Sto 1. PO284555 Royal Navy.

British War Medal - Carvell R Pte 8555 AOC

Victory Medal - Vibart H H R Lieutenant RASC

Victory Medal - Smith P Gnr 98015 RFA

Victory Medal - Coffey R T Pte 15th Australian Imperial Force

Territorial Force War Medal -.Roe.W Pte 682829/5734 22nd London Regt

Territorial Force War Medal - Tuck A W 1923 3rd London Regt

Territorial Force War Medal -James.J T Gnr 188095 R. Artillery

Stolen Single Post War Medals(updated 18/10/19)

CSM bar Radfan and LSGC (EiiR) - Walford.R W Chief Tech. 578122 RAF

BEM (GviR) Civil - Taylor E Boatswain (London Gazette:4/1/1946)

BEM (GviR) - Russ David Chief Butcher (London Gazette:2/1/1950)

GSM bar Malaya - Withey G S Captain RASC

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Remember - If you are offered any of these items, or know of their whereabouts, please contact PC Cheryl Belfield at Ferndown Police Station -01202 22600 or leave a message on 101 - Crime number 55190017525