MEDAL YEARBOOK 2021 - New Deluxe Hardcover Edition

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The new Deluxe, Limited Edition of MEDAL YEARBOOK 2021 is now available!

Hard Back

696 Pages

This indispensable, fully indexed guide to British & Empire Medals describes every official medal awarded to the uniformed services - military & non-military - plus those of the Republic of Ireland and some unofficial medals too.

> All medals & their ribbons are illustrated in colour, to enable accurate identification

> Full description of each medal, with details of what it was awarded for

> Up-to-date 2021 price guide to give the best idea of current values

> Foreign Medals found in British groups

> Full colour Ribbon Charts

> Glossary of Abbreviations

> Guides to current Regiments and Museums

> Professional Directories of medal dealers, booksellers & auctioneers

> Handy hints and tips for the collector

> Cumulative Index to Token Publishing's 'MEDAL NEWS' articles 1989-2020

> Alphabetical Index of Medals

This Deluxe Edition includes 100 extra pages which detail the current Commonwealth Medals, Orders & Decorations of:

> Australia

> Canada

> New Zealand

> South Africa

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