GvR MM, BWM & VICTORY MEDAL to 928772 PTE William Cecil THOMPSON 8th MANITOBA REGT & 18th CAN.INF. Awarded the Military Medal for seizing Ocean Work, a German strongpoint near Haucourt (Vis-en-Artois) on the Hindenberg Line 31/8/18

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928772 PTE W.C.THOMPSON 8/MAN:R (on MM)

928772 PTE W.C.THOMPSON 18-CAN.INF (on pair)

William Cecil Thompson

Born Canada 1892

Attested at Elora, Ontario 4/6/16

To France 29/3/18

Awarded the Military Medal for his bravery with 8th MANITOBA REGT, when the Ocean Work near Haucourt was seized 31/8/18

Note: Ocean Work was a strongpoint in the German trenches & part of the Fresnes-Rouvroy line, south of the Arras-Cambrai Road

His MM was announced in London Gazette 3/7/19

Died Elora, Canada 6/10/64

With 24 pages of CEF Service Papers & MM Card

Condition: On original, full length silk ribbons. Toned NEF