BWM & VICTORY MEDAL to 12852.DA Arthur Edward LIVERMORE D.H. R.N.R. Born Gorleston, Suffolk, he served in the Royal Naval Reserve 1916-19 & received a share of the Naval Prize Fund plus War Gratuity

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    12852.DA A.E.LIVERMORE D.H. R.N.R.

    Arthur Edward Livermore

    Born Gorleston, Suffolk 1896

    Formerly RNVR

    Served in the Royal Naval Reserve from 1/11/16 to 28/3/19

    Claimed a War Gratuity 14/4/19

    He also received his share of the Naval Prize Money in 1920 & 1922

    Note: In World War 1, Royal Navy warships still received Prize Bounty Money for the sinking or capture of enemy ships. Warships & auxiliaries also received Salvage Money for saving ships, cargoes & ship's boats

    With 2 pages of RNR Papers

    Condition: Display mounted with self adhesive foam pads on reverse. Toned EF

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