1914 STAR & VICTORY MEDAL to 7771 PTE Thomas STAGG 1st WILTSHIRE REGT. To France 31/8/14 & qualified for the ‘Aug-Nov 1914’ Clasp. He survived the war & transferred to Class Z Army Reserve in 1919

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7771 PTE T.STAGG 1/WILTS.R (on 1914 Star)

7771 PTE T.STAGG WILTS.R (on victory medal)

Thomas Stagg

To France 31/8/14 to serve with 1st Wiltshire Regiment & qualified for the ‘Aug-Nov 1914’ Clasp

Transferred to Class Z Army Reserve 7/5/19

With copy of his Medal Index Card, Medal Roll & supporting documentation

Condition: With copy ‘Aug-Nov 1914’ Clasp, GVF